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Education is one of the most rewarding industries to work in today. Undeniably true.

However, it’s also true that to be effective and gain access to opportunities in our industry, you must manage your career, whether that means triumphantly navigating your first job search as a new educator or positioning yourself for success as a teacher leader.

You must learn how to differentiate yourself from your peers & market your unique value.

An Author Talk with Tracy Brisson, author of Confessions of a Teacher Recruiter: How to Create an Extraordinary Resume and Hook Your Dream Job, can help educators of all experience levels do just that, while providing a considerable marketing boost to your organization.

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What Can You Expect at an Author Talk?


An Author Talk is generally an hour with me- 20 minutes of speaking, 20 minutes of question and answers with the attendees, and 20 minutes of networking and book signing. While Author Talks are customized for specific audiences, these topics are generally covered.

*What it takes to stand out in your career, including establishing your mindset and demonstrating your value

*How the job search and recruitment process has changed over the last 15 years and what you need to know to succeed

*How to tell your career story in your resume and in interviews

* Why social media profiles and visibility are critical to your career

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Why Should You Host an Author Talk with Me?

I know what I am talking about. I have worked in the education industry for 17 years, recruiting teachers for almost 15, including as Director of Teacher Recruitment for the largest school district in the world. I know how to help teachers manage their job search and stand out so that school leaders and recruitment executives pay attention. Since launching my company almost five years ago, I’ve spoken to thousands of people about careers, education, and recruitment, including talks that have been streamed all over the world such as at #140edu and TEDx.

Tracy Brisson speaking at TEDx

You can view and listen to my video and audio clips here.

I’m not your typical educational speaker. My strengths are not only communicating pragmatic, research-based best practices on career development, but also bringing my honesty, vulnerability and real-life experiences to my talks. My goal is to give my audience tough love about their careers, with the emphasis on love. I can guarantee that your attendees will walk away inspired with new ideas and action steps on how to communicate their value in their professional lives.

What Types of Organizations Host Author Talks?


All sorts! Colleges and career centers are a given, but any organization that works with teachers could greatly benefit from a talk. An Author Talk is a great opportunity for any organization that works with teachers to help them with their development and provide lasting skills they can use for their entire career.

If you are a school, district or other organization that recruits teachers, an Author Talk event for prospective teachers in the community can have many benefits, including the following.

* Making yourself an employer of choice by demonstrating that you are invested in teachers’ excellence from the very beginning of your engagement with them

* Increasing attendance by providing a purpose-driven event instead of scheduling another boring “happy hour”

* Meeting and getting to know prospects in person at an informal event before a formal selection process and interview

* Creating opportunities for applicants to better their candidacy before you begin the formal interviewing process without doing the work yourself

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What Are Others Saying About Tracy Brisson as a Speaker?


Here are some of reviews from sessions I’ve conducted for teachers across the country- from Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, New York, and Georgia.

“Tracy directly delivered a session to about 250 audience members, and was also instrumental in helping to develop a series of follow-up events and resources, all of which have garnered rave reviews from participants… Tracy is particularly effective at specifically understanding what young professionals need to manage their careers and be successful. She is able to talk about career management topics both broadly and in depth, and is especially savvy at utilizing social media to share her knowledge.”

“Tracy conducted a career coaching session for a group of our Teaching Fellows. The session was well-planned and expertly presented. She engaged the audience, shared innovative ideas for pursuing jobs, and provided useful feedback to participants… I highly recommend Tracy. She is deeply committed to coaching and supporting individuals as they seek jobs and has the expertise to help them.”


“Tracy Brisson is a sharp professional who really knows her stuff, which you can tell by reading her book. She is even more dynamic in person! Hearing her speak for a group of young teachers solidified that Tracy is well-versed in teacher recruitment and career coaching. When I checked-in with a few of those young teachers months later they are still using her book as guidance. A true staple for any teach looking for a new school or opportunity.”


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What Other Talks Do You Have Available?

I provide structured training and professional development sessions on both career and recruitment topics for organizations as part of The Opportunities Project’s consulting services. Topics include building and communicating your strengths, reaching your career goals, managing your time effectively, and exercising leadership, as well as social recruiting, interviewing practices, general recruiting strategy, and facilitation of staff retreats. Workshops include materials for participants.

Contact me directly for information on how to book one of these workshops or events.

What Are You Waiting For? Schedule your Author Talk Today!

You can book an Author Talk with just a minimum order of the paperback version of Confessions of a Teacher Recruiter: How to Create an Extraordinary Resume and Hook Your Dream Job.

* The minimum book order for events that are 500 miles or less from Savannah, GA is 30 books.

* For events more than 500 miles from Savannah, the minimum order is 50 paperback books and events must be booked at least three weeks in advance.

Organizations who schedule author talks commonly use the books as door prizes, resources for future professional development sessions, and other incentives throughout the year.

Tracy Brisson Book Signing Togather Teacher Resume Book

Speaking at a TFA Atlanta Talk


Contact me today to schedule an Author Talk


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If you would like to do an online event, or can plan an event with over 250 RSVPs, please contact me for information on the possibility of doing your engagement at no-cost. I can also offer a discount on all books orders for over 50 copies.


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