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How to Talk About Your Transferable Skills

Step 3 of the free toolkit “5 Steps for Constructing Amazing Resume Bullets” on transferable skills is excerpted from Chapter 2 of Confessions of Confessions of a Teacher Recruiter: How to Create an Extraordinary Resume and Hook Your Dream Job.

As a teacher recruiter, I look for resume patterns that demonstrate potential skills and how the applicant might fit with a particular school, job, and/or a principal. I also want to hire people who are likeable and have a strong work ethic, but those are things I measure in an interview and not in a document.

New teachers and career changers have not had a chance to demonstrate that they are excellent teachers yet. However, economists have found there are some basic skills and behaviors successful people possess that can be assessed via professional achievements. These are often called transferable skills because they transfer across jobs, industries, and academic experiences. I look for the following transferable skills when I evaluate new teachers’ resumes.

  • Being accountable to your own goals
  • Demonstrating intellectual curiosity
  • Taking advantage of leadership opportunities
  • Pursuing challenges and taking risks
  • Achieving goals with children (if applicable)


Book’s Table of Contents

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Hello, Teachers!

Introduction: Some Tough Love

Chapter One: Busting Myths About the Hiring Process

Chapter Two: Differentiating Yourself from Your Peers

Chapter Three: Creating Your Extraordinary Resume Section by Section

Chapter Four: Making Your Resume Pretty

Chapter Five: The True Purpose of Cover Letters

 Chapter Six: The Benefits of Social Media and Digital Portfolios

 Lesson Seven: Tips for Overcoming Job Search Anxiety

 Lesson Eight: Final Do’s and Don’ts and Sample Documents


 About The Opportunities Project and Tracy Brisson

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Book Introduction

Introduction: Some Tough Love

My letter to teachers hopefully left you with a sense of hope! We’re going to do it! But before we start, I would like to share some tough love with you.

I want every reader of this book to get the job he or she desires and rock in it, but we have to start where you are. It is highly possible that some of your resumes… well, stink.

A good reason your resume may stink is that you’ve received little career guidance. If you are a career changer or experienced teacher, it may have been many years since you’ve had to apply for a job. If you are a recent college graduate, the quality of services you received from your career center may have been lacking.

Here’s my second confession as a teacher recruiter: recruiters love to share stories about terrible resumes, and I am no different. Once I received a resume from an English teacher who crashed my inbox by inserting into his resume a 10MB photo of himself looking drunk at a party. Another time, I sat at my desk confused by the resume from the 33-year-old candidate who listed her middle school Presidential Fitness award on page eight. I only know her age because her birth date was on page five.

Almost every organization I’ve worked with who hires teachers has a wall of shame where they post resumes that feature clip art.

Seriously, no more apples on your resume. Stop.

However entertaining these terrible resumes may be, they are the minority. The overwhelming majority of resumes and cover letters are mediocre and often passed over. Many candidates may have been really interesting people who could change students’ lives, but the resumes were cluttered, disorganized, and didn’t tell a story specific and unique to them. And that makes me sad because it’s a waste all around.

Mediocre resumes are the worst. At least resumes that stink are memorable.



  • How to Talk About Your Transferable Skills

  • Book’s Table of Contents

  • Book Introduction

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