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Confessions of a Teacher Recruiter: How to Create an Extraordinary Resume and Hook Your Dream Job has cracked the list of Top 25 bestselling resume books on AND is getting rave reviews from readers via email, social media and the book’s sales page.

Here are just a few of the reviews we’ve seen.


“[The book] is a straight-talking quest to transform terrible resumes into terrific ones, with advice on topics from what experiences to include to how to utilize social media. Like any good teacher, [Brisson] includes ample checklists, samples, mini-assignments, and a healthy dose of encouragement for what’s often a difficult job search.
– One Day Magazine

“You saved me from clip art!”
– Kathleen, Charlottesville Teacher 

“From chapter one, I was inspired by your advice. Although I have been teaching for six years; helped my students achieve great test scores; served as a master trainer; written curriculum; and obtained an Ed.S. degree, I barely received invitations to interview for jobs. After completing all of the chapter exercises in “Confessions of a Teacher Recruiter” and submitting my resume, I’ve received three invitations to start the interview process. Your book gave me information that NO one else did. I appreciate your work on this book. Thank you!”
– Elisar, Atlanta Teacher

“Thanks so much for the helpful and engaging read! I was able to really improve my resume in ways I never would’ve thought to. I especially appreciated your honesty!”
– Anna D., NYC Teacher and Teachers College (Columbia University) Student

“What an amazing book! I can’t believe how much I missed! I’ve made several changes recommended by the book, and I’m hoping to see results soon!”
– Mike R., Pennsylvania Social Studies Teacher

“I used this product to help with writing my resume and job search ideas. I’m getting lots of response to my resume and have been offered a great position within 3 weeks of beginning my job search.”
– Kay, Michigan Reading Specialist

“So glad I purchased! Very helpful, concise, easy to read. Just what I needed to update my resume, which I haven’t done in years! Excellent, up-to-date resource for both new and experienced teachers! Simple to follow and engaging to read. Very impressed!”
– Hillery G., Fort Worth, Texas Elementary Teacher

“Best advice so far: Set certain times to job search and tips on how not become obsessive! Great text!”
– Jessie S., Michigan Second Grade Teacher via Twitter

“Very helpful resource! My husband got a new job 600 miles away, which means I need to leave my teaching job at the end of the school year. I haven’t had to write a resume in several years. This product really helped me create a great resume.”
– Tara, California Teacher

“I highly recommend this e-book to any and every teacher who’s on the job market! There is so much helpful advice, and I was able to revamp my resume and job applications immediately.”
– Miss White, Mississippi Elementary Teacher

“I used this to prepare for my interview and practice. I was hired during the first interview right on the spot! Most of the other interviewees were on their second interview! Thank you!”
– Veronica via TeachersPayTeachers (check for more reviews)


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“This book is magical! I put this book on my iPad and spent an afternoon reading the first few chapters… I am a recent college grad and I went to school to become a teacher. I thought finding a teaching position would be easy after I graduated. Not the case. I had applied for over 75 jobs in my area and never even got the interview. I read the first few chapters of this book, tweaked my resume the next day, and got hired within a week after sending out my resume to a new batch of districts…
– A. Ross, via (check for more reviews!)

I just read the book and LOVED it! I immediately recommended it to a colleague who I know is also on the hunt for a new position. The tips were so incredibly helpful, and I was thrilled with the format of the book. Personally, I had a few small things on my old resume that I honestly just didn’t realize were frowned upon until reading the advice you gave, so hopefully my fabulous new resume and cover letter will help me get my foot in the door somewhere new!”
– Ashley H., San Diego Science Teacher via LinkedIn

“I’ve done career coaching and resume tweaking for over thirty years. This book is the first one I have read recently that connects the traditional aspects of job searches with modern technology. I appreciate the author’s humor and candor and her advice includes the need for formal connections during job searches even when using modern tools. I highly recommend this book.”
– KB, Career Coach

“I like that the book gets down to business. Some of the things I already talk to my students about. That’s not a bad thing- it lets me know that I need to keep discussing those things. I [also] like that there is a check off section towards the end of the book.”
– Alissa Apel, College Instructor

“Even though it’s usually just one piece of paper and looks easy, [your resume] is the gateway to your entire life… The book offers practical advice that is priceless, especially in a competitive job market and struggling economy. It shows you how to stand out from others without overdoing it.”
– Angela Bowers, Professional Blogger

“The book teaches teachers how to create an ideal resume to obtain employment. You don’t have to be a teacher to use the tips Brisson provided… I liked how on page 23, Brisson said to create a great resume story. I liked the story concept because it gives you practice during interviews. Finally, I love the checklists throughout the book. You can start with a basic resume when you start the book, but end up with an extraordinary resume.
– Stacey Wyatt, Book Reviewer

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