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Isn’t It Time to Do More than Just Hope You Are Attracting & Picking the Best?

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As a veteran teacher recruiter, I can help you recruit the best educators on the market by analyzing your current strategy, incorporating best recruitment practices from education and other industries, and developing a plan that you can use to position yourself as an employer of choice.

In education, we have become increasingly sophisticated in using data to manage the selection process. The reality is your selection process is meaningless if you’re not attracting the best and managing relationships with your applicants and leads effectively. 


Here are my primary recruitment consulting specialties.

* Developing comprehensive recruitment marketing strategy plans

* Creating an applicant experience that attracts high quality talent

* Increasing conversions among targeted applicant groups

* Executing targeted branding, marketing and social recruiting campaigns

* Designing data-driven and efficient selection processes

* Coaching recruiters and hiring managers on the interviewing and offer process


I love working with all types of schools, districts, & charter management organizations.

* Large organizations hiring 200+ new employees seeking to scale their approaches

* Small organizations building recruiting infrastructures while conducting their first searches

* Organizations who want to maximize their recruitment department’s performance


I know what I’m talking about.

I have worked in teacher and school leader recruitment for over 15 years. My recruitment career began when I became founding program manager of the NYC Teaching Fellows, one of the largest and oldest alternative teacher certification programs in the country, and helped grow it from 300 to 6,000 Fellows. I also served as Director of Teacher Recruitment for the New York City Department of Education, one of the largest employers in the United States and the largest school system in the world. My team attracted 25,000+ applicants for over 5,000 vacancies across 1,600+ schools annually.

While I was Director, I increased our application numbers from target colleges by 30% by improving our marketing efforts and received an 85% satisfaction rate from principals AND applicants- including those who didn’t receive an offer- when they evaluated their experiences with our team. I was also recognized by ERE, an international recruitment association, when my team placed second in their 2009 Best Employer Brand contest behind Ernst & Young, the top employer for all college grads nationwide. We were acknowledged because of our impressive results with branding and social recruiting strategies on Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms.

Over my career, I’ve reviewed over 20,000+ educator resumes personally and helped match thousands of teachers. Of course some of those hires did not work out and my mistakes can also help you improve your own results.

Since 2010, I have worked as Founder of The Opportunities Project, a national talent development, career coaching, and recruitment consulting agency. I’ve helped over 1,000 individuals reach career success through speaking engagements, workshops, and one-on-one and group coaching, and have helped organizations hire nearly 900+ new team members through our consulting services. Our team has worked in California, New Jersey, Louisiana, Massachusetts and a growing list of other states. I am also a Google AdWords Certified Partner, allowing me to create cost-effective and high impact recruitment search and display ads for organizations.

My work has been recognized in education and the larger recruitment industry. I have been a featured speaker at the Brazen Careerist Recruiting Social Recruiting Conference, the FedCollege Recruiting Conference, #140edu, and the American Association of School Personnel Administrators Conference. I’m also frequently quoted in the press as a recruitment expert.



You can learn more about me on my full bio page or contact me for a free consultation call. I’m eager to help.

Specific Consulting Packages


Creating Your Recruitment Marketing Blueprint

Through the Recruitment Marketing Blueprint Package, I’ll create a plan that attracts high quality talent to your organization. This package begins with a 90-minute targeted consultation with the Client’s designee(s) via Skype, Google+ or phone. During this consultation, we’ll discuss the following.

* Your vacancy needs

* Your current marketing and application process

* Your pain points from past recruitment seasons

* Your profile of an ideal hire

* Your organization’s current strengths in the market


Within 10 days, I’ll do the following consulting work.

* Analyze and audit your current career page, online presence, job descriptions and application collection process

* Review any existing data on your process including surveys, conversion statistics, and other marketing metrics

* Evaluate your existing advertising plan

* Develop solutions that address any current pain points in your recruitment strategies

* Identify key marketing and branding messages for the new recruitment season

* Generate ideas for advertising, social media, email marketing, and online and local events that attract warm leads and cultivate candidates

* Construct a summary project plan and marketing calendar for the current recruitment season

We’ll review the blueprint, summarize key findings, and answer any questions in a one-hour follow-up consultation.

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Designing and Conducting Training and Staff Development Sessions

I offer half-day and full-day trainings and retreats for recruitment teams, executives, and principals on improving your talent acquisition results.

Session topics might include the following.

* Creating and Defining Your Recruitment Strategy

* Marketing and Branding Your Organization for Results

* Using Social Media and Advertising to Recruit Effectively

* Improving Your Applicant Experience and Tracking Systems

* Differentiating Your Recruitment & Selection Processes

* Conducting Behavioral Based Interviewing and Other Selection Best Practices


I’ll provide training and information on best practices aligned to your recruiting needs, as well as facilitate discussions among your team to develop next actions in these sessions. Training sessions are custom priced. I’m filling my training calendar now with half and full-day sessions through May 2016.

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On-Site Strategic Consulting

For many organizations, your best results will come from having me on-site for a short engagement (five days or less). I’ll work with your team to do the following.

* Develop your annual recruiting plan

* Analyze and improve your key branding messages for the season

* Evaluate your systems and technology

* Facilitate buy-in

* Resolve existing and anticipated problems and issues

I’ll document everything discussed and all the decisions made, to help you move forward with success.

On-Site Strategic Consulting engagements can be scheduled for a minimum of one day to a maximum of one week. Depending on your needs, an additional consultant may also be scheduled.

Engage With Me for Strategic Consulting

Project Management: Assisting with Executing Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

The ability to choose among a large pool of applicants is what ultimately drives the quality of your hiring. I can help you execute your recruitment marketing efforts, increase the quantity of candidates and your choice among them.

The Project Management Package is a great option for organizations that have a plan, but need additional guidance and resources to implement it. Services might include helping you manage the following.

* Building career pages that highlight your opportunities and landing pages that help you obtain leads

* Designing social media campaigns on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Vine, Pinterest, and other channels

* Introducing an email marketing campaign

* Creating an employee referral program

* Planning and hosting online events to entice applicants

* Placing your social media and Google ads

* Connecting you with local video production vendors who can help you highlight your school

* Checking-in on weekly progress

* Training on-site staff to manage your marketing and existing plans


The Project Management Package requires a minimum monthly hourly commitment for at least three months.

 Get Help With Managing Your Recruitment Projects




Coaching and Consulting with Individual Talent and School Leaders

Many school leaders and talent acquisition executives have the resources and expertise needed to design and lead a highly functioning recruitment operation, but still need extra support. I can assist by providing targeted coaching and consulting sessions that can help you be even more effective in your role. Session topics might include the following.

* Making day-to-day strategy decisions

* Short and long-term planning

* Reviewing data

* Solving issues and problems


School and human resources leaders seeking insight, expertise, and project management assistance can purchase hourly consulting and coaching sessions. A minimum of three sessions must be purchased.

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Candidate Screening

Most job postings attract hundreds of applicants and many of them are not qualified. My team can manage the initial candidate screening process so you can dedicate your time and energy to in-person interviewing and other important activities. We use established rubrics based on data on what makes an effective teacher- combined with your input– to make selection decisions.

Our screening prices are based on applicant numbers and we invoice clients monthly.

* Application Screening– $50 per 30 applications and/or resumes.

* Phone Screening- $600 for the first 30 phone interviews and $500 for each next set of 30 interviews. We’ll conduct phone interviews with candidates with promising resumes and make decisions based on a rubric. You’ll receive bullet points on candidates we move forward in the process, and candidates will receive an in-person interview guide to help them succeed throughout the remainder of the process. This guide can also include special instructions you have for demo lessons.

* Job Description Writing- I’ll create and edit your job descriptions to make them more marketable to applicants. The consulting fee is $95 per job description.

* Applicant Tracking Setup- If your school is still receiving applications via email, I can set up a simple and low-cost Applicant Tracking System for you to easily accept applications, including training on the system, for a flat consulting fee.


Let Us Screen Your Candidates Effectively and Efficiently


Confessions of a Teacher Recruiter is becoming the destination site for teachers seeking excellence in their career. We are consistently one of the top ranked sites for teacher resume tips and teacher career advice on Google and Bing, and our website visitor and newsletter readership numbers are consistently growing. We feature a mix of content that is highly directed toward new and experienced educators considering their next teacher or school-based job, as well as school and district-based employees.

Becoming an advertiser with us provides an opportunity for you to reach a targeted and unique audience that is responsive to your career opportunities. Google Analytics shows that 62% of our audience is age 18-35- the prime age demographic for teachers who are making career moves- and is also 54% male, a desired group of job-seekers in education. We receive visitors from all corners of the United States and our top ten markets, in order, are New York, Chicago, Houston, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin, San Antonio, Philadelphia, and Dallas. Combined across channels, Confessions of a Teacher Recruiter and author Tracy Brisson (me!) has a social media reach of over 7,000. As a career expert and brand ambassador for Proctor & Gamble through the Rising Tide project, I have learned from the best on how organizations get their opportunities exposed online.

Current Opportunities

As Confessions of a Teacher Recruiter grows its reach and impact, I am offering a number of limited discount opportunities for advertising.

Small Side Bar Ad
$30 for 30 days

These ads are 125 x 125 pixels and appear in the right-hand sidebar of our blog and individual posts. Blog posts are SEO optimized posts that appeal to teacher job-seekers and are shared via Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter (with appropriate hashtags) multiple times. You will need to supply the graphic and a link to a landing page on your site. The graphic file can be no larger than 30kb and may not include animation.

Newsletter Ad
$20 per newsletter

A link to your job opportunities will be featured in the Jobs section of our newsletter that is sent monthly to subscribers. You will need to supply a link to a landing page on your site.

Sponsored Post
$100 per post

I will write a 300–400 word post about your job opportunities, with appropriate links, and why candidates should consider your organization.  You can link to this post, excerpt it for your own marketing, or quote it on your own site. I will also share the post via Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter (with appropriate hashtags) and link to it in our monthly newsletter. You will need to provide an image.

If relevant, Tracy can also write a 300–400 word post about a product or service and her experience with it if your audience is the education community.


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