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Teacher Summer Resources

Tracy’s Tips: Teacher Summer Resources!

Happy summer! If you have just completed a year in the classroom- congratulations! I hope that you take some time to enjoy the beach. If you’re on the job search for a fall position, don’t give up! Stay centered and keep on until you get the result you want. I am also taking some time this summer to regroup and breathe and have some extremely exciting things to announce in July. Stay tuned! In the meantime, here are some teacher resources that have come my way that I’d like to share. 1. Cleaning Up Your Digital Footprint as a Jobseeker I found this great infographic that details clear steps jobseekers should take regarding their social media profiles before applying to jobs. I’ve blogged before about […]

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Use iDoneThis to write your educator resume

Tracy’s Tips: How to Use IDoneThis to Write a Teacher Resume

Here’s a new addition to my teacher resume tips! If you’ve updated your teacher resume recently, you likely found it hard to recall all the recent accomplishments that you wanted to consider for new resume content. In my free toolkit, 5 Steps for Constructing Amazing Resume Bullets, I provide some journaling templates to help you collect and analyze your work history. However, the best advice I can give to you is to actively record your great work accomplishments every day. My favorite tool for managing this activity is the free tool IDoneThis. How to use IDoneThis to Write Your Teacher Resume in Four Steps 1. Sign up for IDoneThis. Ask it to send you an email each day asking you to reply with what you accomplished. […]

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Your recent college graduate matters

Sorry, Recent Graduate: Your GPA WILL Impact Your Job Search

Dear recent college graduate: It’s almost graduation season and everyone on the internet is trying to give you advice on what really matters when you’re trying to find your first job. I am going to be one of those people. It’s innovative these days to blog about how your GPA doesn’t matter anymore when you’re applying to jobs. About a year ago, a senior vice president of people operations for Google, Lazlo Block, gave an interview to the New York Times on how their hiring process has changed, specifically how they paid less attention to things like degrees, credentials, test scores and GPAs, and it made people on the internet very, very excited. Bloggers, experts and others used it to declare […]

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Reference check advice for teacher jobs

Tracy’s Tips: 4 Steps for Managing Your Job Search Reference Check

This content originally appeared in our newsletter in November 2013. Want first dibs on tips, invitations to free events, and access to job postings? Sign up here. I’ve recently seen a number of reference checks tank teachers’ job searches. The principal was super psyched about a teacher… and then something was said during a reference check that wasn’t just right. These teachers are often feel confused because their references were people they trusted. Unfortunately the plain truth is that many people are jerks, but sometimes it’s simple miscommunication and in 90% of cases, you can prevent this from happening. Here are four tips for getting great references. 1. Tell your references that they’re on your reference list. Duh. And if you know someone is […]

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LinkedIn Top 10 Overused Buzzwords for teacher resumes

Hush Up, LinkedIn: Choosing Words for Your Teaching Resume

  Every year, LinkedIn comes out with a list of the most common overused “buzzwords” they’ve found on members’ profiles in a given year. 2013 was no exception. As someone who thinks geekily about labor and career trends, I’m really interested in the changes over time. Isn’t it fascinating that “experimental” has gone away in favor of “strategic?” What does that say about us? And is it bad that I love the way this trend is heading? But every December and January, career bloggers love to cover this attention-grabbing press release and convert it into hard fast rules for people on how they choose words for their resume or LinkedIn profile. Never use “track record.” Use a thesaurus before choosing […]

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An extraordinary resume is comprised of extraordinary details

Tracy’s Tips: 5 Reasons You Didn’t Get the Interview

This content originally appeared in our newsletter in August 2013. Want first dibs on tips, invitations to free events, and access to job postings? Sign up here. Don’t make these mistakes with your resume. I am finishing up one of my larger teacher recruitment contracts and am reflecting on why some candidates in the 600+ applicant pool were never seriously considered for a job. Here are the top five reasons I passed on your resume. 1. Formatting. You didn’t send your resume in PDF format so when I opened it in one of my word processing programs, it looked like one big messy, sloppy document. I was not kidding when I stated in “Chapter 4: Making Your Resume Pretty” that the […]

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Why LinkedIn Matters for Teachers

Why Every Teacher Needs a LinkedIn Profile

This content originally appeared in our newsletter in July 2013. Want first dibs on tips, invitations to free events, and access to job postings? Sign up here. LinkedIn is critical to every teacher’s job search. Here’s a story that explains an important reason why.  One of the confessions I make in the book is that I actively look at teachers’ social media profiles when deciding if I should refer teachers to a client. Some readers have been taken aback by this. I get it, but I’ve hired enough crazy people to know it’s in my best interest to have a complete set of facts about someone before a final hiring decision is made. Successful job seekers understand that recruiters’ increased use […]

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