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Use iDoneThis to write your educator resume

Tracy’s Tips: How to Use IDoneThis to Write a Teacher Resume

Here’s a new addition to my teacher resume tips!

If you’ve updated your teacher resume recently, you likely found it hard to recall all the recent accomplishments that you wanted to consider for new resume content. In my free toolkit, 5 Steps for Constructing Amazing Resume Bullets, I provide some journaling templates to help you collect and analyze your work history. However, the best advice I can give to you is to actively record your great work accomplishments every day. My favorite tool for managing this activity is the free tool IDoneThis.

Use iDoneThis to write your educator resume

How to use IDoneThis to Write Your Teacher Resume in Four Steps

1. Sign up for IDoneThis. Ask it to send you an email each day asking you to reply with what you accomplished. This is a great way to motivate you toward your goals and help you celebrate your wins, but also to journal actual results.

2. Reply to the email on the days that you did something great or received a compliment. Don’t feel obligated to answer each email, or worry too much about the words you use in your entries.

My rule: If what you did felt good, record it. If you had an average day, move on.

3. Log in to and review your” Dones.” The tool will take your email replies and make a calendar of your accomplishments. The screenshot below shows my February 2014 Dones. The days with checkmarks are ones where I emailed in accomplishments.

Example: As you can see, I didn’t do things that felt great everyday in February. On the 5th, I was really excited when I finally published my press kit because it had been on my list for months. It’s not a “resume worthy” accomplishment in itself, but it could serve as a trigger to remember to mention some major press appearances that might come from it, as well as highlight the new writing and marketing skills I learned from the process in an interview with a potential client.

It can literally only take 15-30 minutes to review an entire year of resume-worthy accomplishments with IDoneThis. Think about what you can do with all your saved time!

4. Incorporate your accomplishments in your resume editing as appropriate. Quantify and describe what you’re adding to your teaching resume using specific and unique language. is free, though you can also get a number of great features for just $5 a month, like word tags and the ability to share your accomplishments across a team. The team functionality could be fantastic for an academic department or school to use to communicate during the school year.

Let me know how IDoneThis works for you!

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Don’t forget to download my free guide 5 Steps for Constructing Amazing Resume Bullets!

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Tracy Brisson is Founder & CEO of The Opportunities Project, a national talent development agency, and a recognized career coach and recruitment expert. She is the author of Create Your Own Opportunities: Coach Yourself to Career Success (2011) and Confessions of a Teacher Recruiter: How to Create an Extraordinary Resume and Hook Your Dream Job (2013).

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