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Updates- Free Books, Tour, and More

Hey y’all! Happy fall. It’s 50 degrees here in Savannah, GA, which means I now have to wear socks. Yes, that sound you hear across the country is my loud grumbling.

Onto business….

New Blog!

I am adding a blog to the website in order to provide updates on marketing activities for the book. More interested in content that can help you manage your career or recruit better? You have two options.

  • You can subscribe to my newsletter for my exclusive advice and insights from the field of teacher recruitment. If you sign up, you’ll also get access to an exclusive excerpt from Confessions of a Teacher Recruiter: How to Create an Extraordinary Resume and Hook Your Dream Job.

I hope to also open this space to guest posts from teachers about their own job search experiences in the near future. Feel free to pitch me an idea.

Opportunities to Get a Free Copy of the Book

I am running 3 promotions right now where you can potentially obtain a free copy of the paperback version of the book.

  1. I am giving 3 copies away via a giveaway sponsored by our new partner, Goodreads. I have about 120 entries so far and the contest ends on November 1. Go for it and enter!
  2. I have a promotion on Tomoson where I am giving away 5 free copies to bloggers who agree to review the book on their site. Selected reviewers will also be able to give away a copy of their book to one of their readers. You can enter that promotion through November 7. If you miss this opportunity and are an established teacher/educator/principal blogger or member of the press and would like a review copy, please contact us directly with your request and I’ll see what I can do for you.
  3.  Finally, post a question about your teacher job search on our Facebook wall and if I pick your question to answer in our newsletter, I’ll send you a free copy of the paperback.

Book Tour!

I am excited to announce that I’m confirming dates for a book tour. Most events are free for organizations with a minimum RSVP (subject to change). I’d love to talk at your bookstore, teacher supply store, teacher education program, teacher group, district or school, or any other organization or person who’d like to book me for a Q&A on recruiting and job searching, as well as a reading and author signing.

I am using a service called Togather to book dates through February 2014.

Stickers and Books for Professors!

If you are or know a college professor or faculty member in a school of education who might be interested in using the material in Confessions of a Teacher Recruiter: How to Create an Extraordinary Resume and Hook Your Dream Job in his or her course or as recommended reading, please let me know and we can send that professor a packet of goodies including stickers and a free book. PS: We can offer a great deal on book orders of 200+ paperbacks.

Press Release

In case you missed the press release about the book last month, view it on PRWeb. It was picked up by over 100 media outlets!

Happy job searching and recruiting! 

I hope you enjoyed this post.

Don’t forget to download my free guide 5 Steps for Constructing Amazing Resume Bullets!

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Tracy Brisson is Founder & CEO of The Opportunities Project, a national talent development agency, and a recognized career coach and recruitment expert. She is the author of Create Your Own Opportunities: Coach Yourself to Career Success (2011) and Confessions of a Teacher Recruiter: How to Create an Extraordinary Resume and Hook Your Dream Job (2013).

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